Track build progress

I'll be updating this area with pictures and commentary of the track build as it progresses.
We will take possession of the land from July 1st, all being well with the lease contracts.
Ideally, the build will start as soon as possible after July 1st, but it depends on when the contractors can fit the work in.
I've been having a bit of a play with the graphics. Here is how the track will look, almost to scale. Track pic
Here starts the photo log.

Before August 12th 2008

This is what we have to work with! Track pic

August 12th 2008

A pile of hardcore ready for crushing has been delivered. Track pic

August 13th 2008

The temporary fence is up.
It is strange how big the area looks, now that it is cordoned off.
Tomorrow the old rostrum, and the basketball area gets ripped up and crushed for hardcore. Track pic

August 15th 2008

Here is a big pile of stuff ready to be crushed and the machine which did the ripping up. Track pic

This is Mick, the club secretary, standing by the big pile of rubble which used to be the basketball court. Track pic

The old track has been broken up. This will allow drainage once the spoil has been piled on top and levelled for a new pitting area. Track pic

The old rostrum is no more. This will also be crushed and added to the fill for the new track.
In a sense, the new track will arise from the rubble of the old. Track pic

Here we can see one of these enormous machines has made a delicate cut in the surface.
At this stage, we are still assaying wat lies beneath the surface, how deep, and in which direction does it slope.
All of these factors could have a bearing on the way the track is built, and the final cost of the project. Track pic

This is a shot down the length of our land.
In the foreground you can see where the white line painted on he grass delineates where the edge of the track will be. Track pic

August 22nd 2008

Here are some pictures from the past week.
The dig has started. The top layer of the ground is being removed to be replaced with a layer of crushed fill.
In the background you can see the massive crushing machine. Big slabs of concrete are fed into the top, and little shredded bits of concrete come out of the back. Track pic

Now we can see the area starting to take shape. Track pic

August 24th 2008

We can see the edges of the track starting to go down now. Track pic

The old track has all but dissapeared beneath the earth that has been dug out.
Some of this will go around the tarmac when it is laid, to bring the level up.
The rest will be flattened off, and remain here. Track pic

The hardcore has been crushed and graded, and now awaits the track perimiter being laid so that it can be spread evenly within. Track pic

And here are the concrete edgings which are being used to outline the track perimeter. Track pic

August 30th 2008

How many committe members does it take to start a generator?. Track pic

Measure twice, cut once. Oh. There's already a hole. Shouldn't we have measured first? Track pic

...and the rostrum is erected! Track pic

September 2nd 2008

This is from a couple of days ago. It is a shot of the far left hairpin, filled with the crushed stuff they use for a base.
All of the edgings are in place, and it's nearly ready to be topped off with the black stuff. Track pic

Secretary and Chairman Photographed by PRO.
The tarmac is down. It looks even bigger now, although, it has been made 2 meters shorter than the plan.
This caused some consternation when trying to fit the designed track markings onto the actual piece of tarmac, as the plan did not quite match the reality.
For thos that don't know me, I'm the one in the orange trousers. Track pic

September 2nd 2008 (more)

Heres a view from yesterday where the sub-contractors ran out of tarmac before finishing. Track pic

And here's where they patched it in this morning. It looks different doesn't it...
That's because it's sitting a bit higher than the rest of the track. Track pic

This is a renewed track markings done in a childs crayon, after our initial efforts with chalk washed away in the totrrential rain which followed. Track pic

Here's a picture of the whole track badly photoshopped together as a panorama. You can click on this one to see the full size picture. rc direct

September 8th 2008

Now we have the rope down. Track pic

Painting... Track pic

...and more Painting. Track pic

September 14th 2008

Blessed are the work party helpers. They shall be rewarded by being pictured here.
We have done some ground leveling, and some painting and decorating today. Track pic

Track pic

Track pic

Track pic

Track pic

Track pic

Track pic

Track pic

Here's another picture of the whole track badly photoshopped together as a panorama. You can click on this one to see a larger picture. rc direct

September 20th 2008

Last day before we open for business.
Even more blessed are the work party helpers who have turned up for a second time in a week.
In no particular order... Thank you to all those in the pictures.
Today we Track pic

Track pic

Track pic

Alors... Finis. rc direct