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Page updated 1/11/98

Why am I migrating to Linux ?

Terms of Reference for the project

A Diary of the migration, from ordering the hardware onwards

A breakdown of the cost so far

A comparison of the systems

A comparison of the software

So. What are we doing here.
Well, September the 17th came and went. Acorn Computers resolve not to make any further advances with their hardware. A rescue package is launched, seems to founder, then all is quiet.
Even if the new Acorn Machine, (Phoebe/Phoenix), is made and sold... and RiscOS 4 makes it to market... And Java 1.2 sees the light of day... What is the likelyhood of the Acorn platform catching up, let alone becoming the market leading desktop platform it could have been.
And what of the long term ?

It is time to look for an alternative. Something to run alongside my Acorn. something that I could migrate to if the worst came to the worst.
After following many discussions on many usenet groups, I thought to have a look at Linux.

So for the first time, I sat down and asked myself, what is it that I actually use a computer for.

Risc OS list

The software I use for this is listed here.

It seemed to me from my brief trawl around the net, that Linux could probably offer me all of this functionality with better specified software, most of which was free.

As time passes, I will fill out the relevant software list for Linux, similar to that shown above with a small write up showing strengths and weaknesses of both.

The Linux software I will use will be listed here.


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